Emily CammisaFreelance illustrator
Art Commissions are currently OPEN!

I love to draw OC characters and OC/canon fanart. I also do a lot of portrait work including real people and pets!

Styles and Materials I use: I am most known for anime and semi-realistic styles. I can do quick sketches, inked linearts, or full color illustrations (anime cel shaded or oil style digital painted). I use both traditional and digital mediums, and you can choose which mediums you'd like me to work with for your commission. Traditional mediums include: copic alcohol markers, watercolors, colored pencil, and colored inks. Oil style paintings are digital only.

Character Illustrations

Bust Portraits
Sketch$20.00 Colored Sketch$60.00 Clean Inked Lineart$40.00 Anime Cel Shading$100.00 Oil Painting Colors$200.00
Sketch$30.00 Colored Sketch$80.00 Clean Inked Lineart$60.00 Anime Cel Shading$120.00 Digital Oil Painting$260.00
Sketch$40.00 Colored Sketch$120.00 Clean Inked Lineart$80.00 Anime Cel Shading$220.00 Digital Oil Painting$400.00

Add Background

Simple+$20.00 Detailed+$60.00
Clean Inked Lineart
Simple+$30.00 Detailed+$80.00
Anime Cel Shading
Simple+$80.00 Detailed+$200.00
Digital Oil Painting
Simple+$100.00 Detailed+$400.00

Please note my prices based on 10+ years of working freelance. Prices may change if your picture requires intensely ornate attention to detail from character outfits, armor, weapons, or backgrounds. I also have the right to turn down your commission if I feel it's out of my comfort zone. Please be aware that these prices are per character, so if you want two characters, the price doubles based on your order.

How to order: E-mail me at emilycammisa@gmail.com. In your message please describe your project in detail and attach or link good quality reference images or photos. I typically respond within a day or two and we can discuss the project in greater detail, including cost and deadlines. I will fill out an Artist’s Agreement form and send you a copy so there will be no confusion on prices, deadlines, and what the project entails. For commercial commissions, I will have a more in-depth contract and your signature will be required once we hash out an agreement of terms.

My Process: After we’ve discussed your project in depth, I will begin on the rough sketch phase and show you thumbnail sketches of the project for approval before inking or coloring. All alterations and revisions must be made during the rough sketch phase. Your commission fee includes three sketches; any sketches needed beyond this amount will result in a $100 fee per sketch. For any revisions needed after the inking and coloring phases, I will charge an additional $20 fee for each change made due to added labor time.

Payment policy and pricing: By commissioning me, you agree to pay my rate based on the project you choose including any material or shipping costs, as well as PayPal fees (if applicable). Projects up to $100 must be paid up-front in full before I begin working. For projects over $100.00, you must pay a 50% non-refundable installment up-front, and pay the remainder once the artwork is completed within three business days. The final artwork will be watermarked until full payment is received. If you do not pay what you owe, you will not receive the artwork. Should you decide to cancel the project after it has been started, you will be required to pay a kill fee to be determined based on the cost of your project on top of your initial installment fee.

Copyrights: I retain all copyrights to my artwork (with the gray-area exception to fanart) and may use any commissioned works for resale, product manufacture, licensing, advertising, and display in galleries, on my social media sites and personal website. If the artwork is of an extremely personal nature and you do not want me to re-use it in the aforementioned ways, I can agree to keep the artwork private. Should you require complete ownership to the copyrights of a commissioned work, I will transfer all of my copyrights to you for a flat fee to be agreed upon in addition to the commission fee.

Payment methods I accept: PayPal or Venmo